The following products can be downloaded:

Product Download*
(Self-Extracting ZIP)
Prerequisites** Release Notes Installation Guide Build Number Availability Date
Vico Office R6.8*** EXE ZIP ZIP PDF PDF October 2019
Vico Office R6.7 MR1 Hotfix EXE ZIP ZIP PDF PDF June 2019
Vico Office R6.7 MR1 EXE ZIP ZIP PDF PDF April 2019
Vico Office R6.7 EXE ZIP ZIP PDF PDF 6.7.82860 October 2018
Vico Office R6.6 EXE ZIP ZIP PDF PDF 6.6.82442 May 2018
Vico Office R6.5 MR2 EXE ZIP ZIP PDF PDF 6.5.82112 December 2017
Vico Office R6.5 MR1 EXE ZIP ZIP PDF  PDF 6.5.81946 September 2017
Vico Office R6.5 EXE ZIP ZIP PDF 6.5.81862 June 2017
Vico Office R6.0 MR1 EXE ZIP ZIP PDF PDF 6.0.81012 February 2017
Vico Office R6.0 EXE ZIP ZIP PDF  PDF 6.0.80617 December 2016
Vico Office R5.3 EXE ZIP   PDF PDF -- April 2016
Vico Ofice R5.2 MR1 EXE --   PDF  PDF -- December 2015
Vico Office R5.2 EXE --   PDF -- July 2015
Vico Office R5.1 EXE --   PDF PDF -- December 2014
Vico Office R5.0 MR2 EXE --   PDF   -- October 2014

*A self-extracting Zip file is a Windows executable file (.exe). It contains the Zip file and a small program to extract (unzip) the files in the Zip file. Just double-click on the .exe file to run it.

**The Vico installer checks to ensure that your machine has the required system components. If any are missing, it will automatically download and install them. However, if your machine does not have Internet access while installing Vico Office, you can download the prerequisites, unzip them , and place them next to the Vico Office setup file. The installer will automatically pick up these prerequisites and install them during the Vico Office installation.

***Although the Vico Office installer says it is installing version R6.7, it actually installs the correct version: R6.8.

Note: The Vico Office installer contains all of the following modules: Vico Office Client, VO Document Controller, VO Takeoff Manager, VO Cost Planner, VO Cost Explorer, VO Constructability Manager, VO LBS Manager, VO Schedule Planner, VO Production Controller, VO 4D Manager, and VO Reporting

Extra Guides

Product Download (PDF)
Vico User Guide PDF
Silent Install Guide PDF
Vico Licensing Installation Guide PDF


Product Download
Vico Office Client Utility EXE

Vico WinEst Plugin*



Vico R6.0

Vico R6.0 MR1

Vico R6.5

Vico R6.5 MR1

Vico R6.5 MR2

Vico R6.6

Vico R6.7

Vico R6.7 MR1

Vico R6.8

WinEst 15.5

January 2017



February 2017



--- -- -- -- -- --

WinEst 15.5 MR1

June 2017



-- -- -- -- --
WinEst 15.5 MR2 / MR4 / MR5 --

June 2017 (15.5.277)


-- -- -- -- --
WinEst 15.6 -- --

January 2018 (



May 2018



-- -- --
WinEst 15.6 MR1 -- --

March 2018 (


-- -- --
WinEst 15.6 MR2 -- --

August 2018 (


August 2018



-- -- --
WinEst 15.6 MR3/MR4 -- --

October 2018 (15.6.161)


October 2018



WinEst 15.7 -- --
WinEst 15.8 -- --


Note:  Vico WinEst Plugin Installation Notes:

  • Vico Office (including VOWS) and WinEst must be installed before installing the plugin.
  • The Vico WinEst Plugin will only work on full WinEst installations (Standalone and Terminal Server/Citrix setups). It is currently not supported for WinEst Workstation setups.

Note: Known Issues:

  • If installing Vico Office and WinEst on a Windows 8 machine, you may encounter the following error when publishing a WinEst estimate to Vico Office: "No valid license found for VOWS." To resolve this issue, run the license file using Command Prompt (run as Administrator).