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Welcome to the Vico Office SupportLink website

At Trimble GC/CM Support Services, our mission is to help you realize the maximum potential for your Trimble GC/CM investment and provide you with the technical expertise, customer service, and resources to successfully implement and use our products and services.

To ensure you receive the support that you need to maximize your investment, our highly-trained and friendly support team is standing by to assist you.

The Vico Office software support plan includes:

  • Unlimited Support Case Management – Each of your organizations designated support contacts can submit a Support Case. Each Support Case is assigned a unique tracking number so that you can quickly and easily check on the status.
  • Email Support - Email support allows you to send us your questions any time it's convenient for you. You’ll receive an email response within one business day (excluding Trimble US Holidays).
  • 24-hour Access to “SupportLink” - SupportLink provides all the tools and information that you’ll need to find answers to your most common Vico support questions. You’ll find the latest information on products, technical bulletins, documentation, and product downloads.
  • Maintenance Releases - Scheduled Maintenance Releases often referred to as service packs (SP’s), provide product fixes and minor feature enhancements and are made available to clients whom have a current SSM contract.
  • Software Upgrades - All new Product releases, which include significant feature enhancements, are available to clients whom have a current SSM contract. Trimble will notify active support plan customers when Maintenance Releases or Product Updates become available.
  • Training Materials – Vico product training materials are designed with the Principals of Adult Learning in mind. Training Manuals include conceptual overviews, process diagrams, detailed step-by-step instruction, and review questions. They are used in all of our standard instructor-led training classes, for after-class references, and for ongoing self-studies. You can search the entire library in HTML format or download the PDF for any of our standard classes.
  • Web-based User Forum - Web-based Vico Office user group is utilized for holding discussions and posting user generated content. It serves the community of experienced solution users and is moderated by our Support team.

The Vico Office support team is available Monday thru Friday, excluding Trimble US holiday schedule.

Should you have an sales related questions or need to purchase or renew your support service contract, please contact Vico Office Support Sales at 1-800-850-2660 (option #2)

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