Vico Office Introduction

Welcome to Vico Office, Vico's integrated Virtual Construction environment. The Vico Office Suite consists of a core module and a set of discipline-specific application modules. Each Vico Office application shares access to the same integrated project database, which ensures that a change in one place is reflected everywhere.

The user interface across all modules is consistent, predictable, and highly visual. As a result users can quickly learn and use the system; moreover, they retain their knowledge over extended periods of non-use.

The Vico Office Environment supports the varied disciplines involved in the planning and management of complex building construction projects. And it supports them at a number of contextual levels that vary according to the user, the project phase, and the task at hand. These levels are called Explore, Plan, Control, and Manage.

So whether you are a cost planner working on a schematic-phase estimate, or a project engineer re-forecasting the schedule midway through construction, the Vico Office Environment delivers the right tools in the right context at the right time.

Vico Office Suite

The Vico Office Suite is composed of applications, or modules, that address specific disciplines or areas of interest across the project team.

The Vico Office Client is the central access point for models and model information. From here the user creates a project, manages the versions of published models coming into that project, performs reporting, and accomplishes viewing, navigation, and other filtering/selection. With the Vico Office Client as platform, Vico Office contains various workflow modules.